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About Us

Learn more about Leilani Arts by watching our recent tv segment on Sewing with Nancy.


Leilani Arts is an importer of high-quality and exotic yarn, fibers, beads, and other crafting supplies from Asia and all over the world.  We currently offer our products via our website and at consumer craft shows.

We work directly with women's collectives who hand make our rich yarns in an interesting and humanitarian way: Silk sari factories in India donate unwanted silk trimmings and fabric scraps direct from the factory floors to local women’s cooperatives. The women sew the residual silk remnants together end-to-end to compose a continuous skein of silky ribbon. For our recycled silk sari yarns, the same women's co-ops shred the sari scraps and handspin it into a colorful, textured yarn, transforming factory fragments and waste into something useful and beautiful.

They are truly a green products that are also socially and environmentally friendly!

We at Leilani Arts ( are happy to be a part of this important effort and are proud to bring it directly to the knitters and crocheters of America. It allows underprivileged women's groups to have a sense of purpose, achievement, empowerment, self-determination, and financial independence in communities that most need it. It also recycles silk waste into a unique yarn that can be transformed into one-of-a-kind garments, quilts, and other projects all over the world. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, but especially for the women who hand-produce these wonderful products.